Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Head Massage is Nonintrusive and Convenient

Indian Head Massage is a practice based on the Ayurvedic techniques and involves work on the upper back,
shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Champissage, as it is also known, was brought to the west by Narendra Mehta.
It is gentle, safe and non-invasive and just about anyone would benefit from a treatment.
Head Massage, is administered fully clothed, therefore many people find it less intrusive than a full body massage. This therapy is also known as Chair Massage, or Office Massage, and is very convenient since it can be performed virtually anywhere.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage promotes relaxation and is particularly beneficial in treating stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, head-aches, migraine and sinusitis, increase mental clearness.  Head Massage is especially helpful to people who are 'desk bound' and experience pain and tension in the upper body.
It is also useful for relieving: Tension headaches, eyestrain, ear problems, insomnia, neck and shoulder stiffness, hair loss, hair thinning, scalp tension, mental tiredness, and anxiety.

A Powerful Preventative Practice

Indian head massage is a deeply relaxing practice. As a relaxing technique is a powerful preventive instrument in today’s stressful lifestyle. Indian Head Massage is most powerful when used as a preventative tool, but it is extremely helpful even as a treating method.

Tissue Manipulation and Chakras balancing

Head Massage, works in two modes: on a physical level, by manipulating skin and muscle tissue and on a psychological level by working on energy channels.
The tissue manipulation has all the benefits of a regular massage session such as lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins, blood circulation improvement, spasm and tension relieving, muscle strength, better brain oxygenation, etc…
The energy channels handling uses accupressure points, named Marmas, which are in abundance on the head and neck region. Marmas are little gateways to the nervous system, and they are extremely responsive to various stimulus including compression, touch, heat and cold, etc…
Indian Head Massages utilize 'Marmas' which are acu-pressure points located on the head, neck, shoulders,
arms, hands and face to stimulate circulation, rebalance energy and release blockages which cause stress
and strain.

Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Champissage is known in India for a long time and practiced on large scale. It is practiced by almost every family as a grooming ritual and as a hair and scalp care. The increased blood circulation strengthens the hair root and promotes health. The use of special oils feed the scalp and the hair with necessary nutrients. Champi as it is known in India is a head massage practice found in every Indian barber shop and it is extremely common to have one with a hair cut or even with a morning shave.

Weight Control

Many times overweight is a result of stress. Stress can impede a proper digestion and as result incorrect food absorption occurs.
Head Massage, by its extremely relaxing qualities, can help you assimilate food properly and, as a result, prevent weight gain and can help you lose weight.

Head Massage encourages natural healing capabilities

As a treatment, Indian Head Massage helps to restore a state of balance and bring back its natural healing capabilities, encouraging the body's own healing processes. Once the body is "attuned", it is wise to have regular treatments to help maintain a state of balance.

Head Massage fights Stress and prevents illness

Champissage is an extremely efficient tool to fight against stress. Since the majority of the modern’s life conditions are related to stress, Champissage can be extremely helpful for maintaining a good health.
It is very difficult to renounce our chaotic lifestyles because there is no reference point around us, having a Head Massage gives you this moment of bliss, which you can always refer to when you are stressed.

Neck massage against CCSVI (MS)

There has been many reports of CCSVI patients whose condition improved by massaging the neck. There are no medical studies to sustain the anecdotical reports, and a missdiagnosed CCSVI or incorrect massage could do even more damage to the patient's condition. However, if all the precautions are taken this might be a way to cope with CCSVI.

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